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9/08/2020 Reviews and do they have any value. Should you believe all you read? How easy is it for someone to try and tarnish your name without any fear of come back or make your business out to be amazing for financial reasons. The good reviews! Are they from the business owner, family, friends or genuine customer comments? Many SEO companies write reviews for their clients to enhance their Google ranking. How can you tell? You can’t. The bad reviews! Are they from your opposition or just someone you have had a difference of opinion with over something unrelated to your business but they choose to fabricate a bad review. There are of course genuine bad reviews but how do you tell the difference. Most bad reviews will tend to inflate the issue rather than just state the facts. Once again you can’t tell. There are also people who are serial reviewers and get their kicks doing random reviews. A negative review can in fact improve your credibility. It makes your other reviews look genuine. A site with fifty 5 star reviews only may be a bit suspect. Is a bad review just a customer who did not read the terms and conditions or the restaurant’s dress code or the BYO rules? When they realise they are wrong the next step is fabricate a story and post it on social media  to make themselves feel better. Most people with a genuine complaint or problem will bring it to the attention of the business owner at the time. This way it can be resolve. Posting a bad review resolves nothing and achieves very little. Don’t believe all you read be it good or bad. Ken Tolley

Limousine chauffeurs and alcohol regulations.
Under the current Western Australian regulations all F or T endorsed drivers must return a zero reading for alcohol when carrying paying passengers. Limousines chauffeurs are often tested at roadside stops the same as any other road user. If however there are no paying passengers in the vehicle the same time BAC rules apply as they would to any member of the Public.
International airline pilots are regulations state
Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 91.17
The use of alcohol and drugs by pilots is regulated by FAR 91.17.
Among other provisions, this regulation states that no person may operate or attempt to operate an aircra
• within 8 hours of having consumed alcohol
• while under the influence of alcohol
• with a blood alcohol content of 0.04% or greater
• while using any drug that adversely affects safety
Does this mean you are safer in a limo than a plane? You can be assured when you travel with Lakes Limousines that our chauffeurs will be sober.
Ken Tolley     16/8/2020

Limousine quotes and estimates.
When you request a quotation for the hire of a limousine make sure you check all the terms and conditions prior to making a booking. There can be some confusion between a quote and an estimate. The quote should state a firm price for the hire as requested. Usually it would have pick up times and drop of times or the number of hours the quote is for. There will be a condition about extra time and charge rates. Best to be aware of the rates if you have to extend. Also be aware if you book for 6 passenger and then have 8 when limo arrives you may be also asked to pay more. Most pricing takes into account the passenger numbers regardless of the limousine size. If you state 6 passengers then it may also be a 6 passenger limo that arrives. 
Watch out for any company that has in its terms that they reserves the right to charge extra if they have under estimated the job. This is not a quote but an estimate that you are receiving and should be titled Estimate. Beware.

Estimates:   An estimate is roughly how much the tradesperson or professional thinks the job will cost. They must use their skill and experience to make the estimate. The actual price may be more or less, but it shouldn’t be too much more – it should be within 10 to 15 percent.hin 10 to 15 percent.   6/6/2020