Perth School Ball Limo Hire.

After many years of looking forward to your school ball the day is now close and it is time to lock in a fsome different services and items for you big night.  There is your gown or suit, shoes, hairstylist makeup etc.

How are you hoping  to get there?  How many friends are willing to share the cost of a limousine? How much are they prepared to pay?  Do you want a photo stop on way to ball?  Do you require a return after the ball?  

Now the mission is to find a Perth school ball limousine to suit all students. This may never happen so just go with the majority and the others will get on board. There are many options and prices and offers will vary depending on the vehicle you have chosen. Remember to supply as many details as possible when making enquiry.

There are plenty of buses but you may catch one every day and a rehashed Transperth bus is not that special. Also big on the school ball scene are the Hummer and similar type vehicles. Capable of carrying large numbers and they are a definite step up from a bus. Then you have the traditional type limousines for smaller groups that provide a little more class than the Hummer style.  There are also a few classic limousines in Perth. This is a level again above the traditional limousines. 

If you really want something special for your big night and want to turn heads when you arrive then there are the standout vintage / hot rod styled limousines. There are only a few of this style limo and are much in demand. Although they are vintage vehicles They  have all the features you require like Bluetooth to sound system and led lighting.  They are all air conditioned and you will be the envy of the other students when you rock up.   The other students will be asking to have photos with your limo.

At Perth Vintage Limousines we will work with you and provide a special limousines experience to be remembered for years to come in our stunning 1930 Dodge .

7/1/2022   Ken Tolley      

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